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Welding and Insitu Jobs
Welding Services
SubMerged Arc Welding (SMAW )
  • We have inhouse facility for SMAW welding.
  • With welding machine ranges from 500 amps to 1500 amps.
Metal Inert Gas Welding ( MIG )
  • We have sufficient welding facility for mig welding with
  • 5 nos. of manipulators.
Tungsten inert Gas Welding ( TIG )
  • We have also sufficient welding facility for TIG welding.
Welding Machines

For Welding in Carver Engineering Pvt Ltd. We have Miller make Welding machines ranges from 500 amps to 1500 amps associated with wire feeder , Manipulators and welding arms. All the machinaries are maintain on regular basis for continuous working without any breakdown.
Welding and Insitu Welding
Carver Engineering Pvt. Ltd. Takes pride for doing the welding work for the 12 Ton forging hammer foundation anvil for Vinir Engineering - Bangalore Total Welding consumption in this is about 4000 kg , completed in 35 days duration with complete preheating , welding , post heating and stress relieving process
Insitu job work of Welding and Tyre Fitment

CEPL has completed Welding , Grinding and shrink fitting of calciner tyre for Saurashtra Chemicals Ltd. - Porbandar.

Tyre OD is about 3 mtr. The complete work is done on site.